A Kiss of Importance

A comedy adapted by Arthur Hornblow, Jr., from the French play by Andr Picard and H.M. Harwood. Opened at the Fulton Theatre, New York City, December 1, 1930, and lasted 24 performances. Produced by Arch Selwyn in association with Erlanger Productions, Inc., staged and directed by Lionel Atwill.

Cast of characters

Fred Johnnie Brewer
Arthur Dupin Ivan Simpson
Mlle. Thomas Alice Burrage
Comte de Cerisay Frank Henderson
Christian Saint Obin Basil Rathbone
Gilbert Laurent Courcel Montague Love
Isabelle de Corquefon Ann Andrews
Octave de Corquefon Frederick Kerr
Albertine Marjorie Hollis
Gardener George Wright, Sr.
Act I Dupin's Office on the Avenue Kleber, Paris

Act II Salon of de Corquefon's Chteau in the Country.

Act III Salon of de Corquefon's Chteau in the Country.

Rathbone and Ann Andrews in "A Kiss of Importance"

"Gilbert Courcel loves the wife of his political opponent, the aging Octave de Corquefon. Isabelle, bored with her home life, agrees to marry Gilbert if a divorce can be arranged. Christian Saint Obin, young and handsome, agrees to serve them as a professional co-respondent, visit the de Corquefon estate, make love to Isabelle, be caught by Octave and thus furnish evidence for the divorce. Christian complicates maters somewhat by taking his time, after he arrives at the estate. Forced finally into action by the impatient lovers he does so good a job of love making that Isabelle changes her mind about the divorce. She had rather cling to Octave if she can also live near Christian."
[from The Best Plays of 1930-31, ed. by Burns Mantle (Dodd, Mead and Co., 1931), page 463.]


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