Map of France during World War I

Map produced by Geographx with research assistance from Damien Fenton and Caroline Lord. The locations of some towns added by Marcia Jessen.

  Note the following locations on the map:
  Richmond Park (green dot) ... Private Basil Rathbone trained at Richmond Park, just outside London, England
  Folkestone (yellow dot) ........ Basil sailed on a troopship from Folkestone, England, in May 1917.
  Bois-Grenier (orange dot) .... When Basil arrived in France in May 1917, he joined his battalion in the trenches near Bois-Grenier.
  Festubert (green dot) ............ Basil and the Liverpool Scottish were in the trenches near Festubert in the summer of 1918.
  Merville (light blue dot) ......... Merville, 15 km north of Bethune, was a billeting and hospital center from 1915 to 1918. Basil spent time in Merville in 1917.
  Vaudricourt (pink dot) .......... On the day that his brother John was killed (4 June 1918) Basil was in Vaudricourt.
  Arras (red dot) ..................... In 1918 John Rathbone had recovered from his wounds and joined the 1st Battalion of the Dorset Regiment in the trenches near Arras.
  Guillemont (purple dot) ......... John Rathbone was shot through the chest and right lung during an attack on Guillemont in July 1916.
  The river Somme ..................
(near Amiens)
The Battle of the Somme took place on both sides of the river, between 1 July and 18 November 1916.
To the right is an aerial reconnaissance photograph of the opposing trenches and no-man's land between Loos and Hulluch in Artois, France, taken at 7.15 pm, 22 July 1917. German trenches are at the right and bottom, British trenches are at the top left. The vertical line to the left of centre indicates the course of a pre-war road or track.

(Photo is from the Imperial War Museum. Click on photo to see it larger.)


Below is a tribute video to British soldiers who served in World War One.


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