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This website exists to honor one of Hollywood's greatest screen and stage actors: Basil Rathbone. Perhaps best known for his portrayal of Sherlock Holmes in the 1930s and 1940s, Rathbone gave outstanding performances in many, many other films as well. Rathbone also appeared in many plays, and his voice could be heard in numerous radio broadcasts and recordings.  



New this month:  A review of the 1962 film Two Before Zero, starring Basil Rathbone and Mary Murphy.

The schedule of Basil Rathbone films being shown on TV in June is on the Schedule page.



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Basil Rathbone and Mary Murphy in a scene from Two Before Zero, 1962




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The fourteen Sherlock Holmes films with Basil Rathbone and Nigel Bruce were released on Blu-ray on March 29, 2011.

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The Curse of Sherlock Holmes: The Basil Rathbone Story, by David Clayton (The History Press, 2020)

Clayton's book is a engrossing narrative that follows Basil Rathbone from his birthplace in South Africa, to England, to New York City, and Hollywood. Clayton provides the full sweep of Basil Rathbone's life chronologically, covering his professional career as well as personal relationships. In addition to relating the events of Rathbone's life, Clayton also quotes from interviews with Rathbone, which reveal what Basil was thinking and feeling at the time.

The hardback, paperback and Kindle versions of the book are available in the UK and in the USA:

Basil Rathbone: His Life and His Films is once again available to buy!

Michael Druxman's biography of Rathbone is well-researched and well-written--a "must have" for every Basil Rathbone fan. The book traces the fascinating life of the actor and provides detailed descriptions of all of Rathbone's films, including cast, credits, critics' reviews and production notes. Out-of-print for more than thirty-five years, Michael Druxman’s book is once again available for purchase. This new reprint edition mirrors the original 1975 biography/filmography, including its more than 250 rare photographs, and also contains a new Introduction by the author.

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Basil Rathbone: His Life and His Films

Also by Michael Druxman: Rathbone, a one-person play in THE HOLLYWOOD LEGENDS collection.

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Sherlock Holmes & the Fabulous Faces: The Universal Pictures Repertory Company is a tribute to the men and women who were part of Universal's repertory company. Author Michael A. Hoey discusses the lives and careers of the many character actors and actresses who supported Basil Rathbone and Nigel Bruce in the 12 Holmes films made at Universal between 1942 and 1946. These players graced hundreds of films with their diversified performances.

Michael A. Hoey is a film and television writer, director and producer. He is also the son of British actor Dennis Hoey, who played the unforgettable Inspector Lestrade in Universal's Sherlock Holmes series.

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Check out this wonderful video montage of Basil Rathbone as Sherlock Holmes, made by Julie, the Ravin' Maven of Classic Film.

Spotted on YouTube: Someone with way too much time on his or her hands has recreated the final duel between Robin Hood and Sir Guy of Gisbourne (from The Adventures of Robin Hood) using LEGO figures! It's very cleverly done. Click here to see it (opens in new window).


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Click here to read the 1918 newspaper citation concerning the award of the Military Cross to Basil Rathbone.

Visit the Potpourri section of this site for "Ode to Basil" and other poems written about Rathbone, as well as "Leaving Baker Street" — an article by Andy Demsky.

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