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Basil Rathbone:
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Features of this website


A Biography of Basil Rathbone's life.

Films: A complete list of the films in which Basil Rathbone played a part. As I view the films, I write a review. A link to the latest review will always be on the home page. Links to all the reviews I have done are on the Films pages. You will also find information about the availability of Rathbone's films on DVD and VHS, both NTSC and PAL formats, and where you can order them.

Theater: A comprehensive list of Basil Rathbone's appearances on the stage.

Radio: A list of Basil Rathbone's appearances on radio. (constantly updated as I receive more info.) You'll also find sound clips on this page.

Television: A list of Basil Rathbone's appearances on television. (constantly updated as I receive more info.)

Recordings: A list of sound recordings made by Basil Rathbone. (constantly updated as I receive more info.) You'll also find sound clips on this page.

Letters written by Basil Rathbone: Page One has letters written to David Macklin, former president of the Basil Rathbone fan club. Many thanks to David for sending me these wonderful letters! Page Two has letters written to various people, and sent to me by fellow Rathbone fans.

Basil Rathbone in Advertisements -- a collection of magazine ads with Basil Rathbone (or his dog!) endorsing various products.
The Gallery: various photos and drawings of Basil Rathbone 

The TV schedule of Basil Rathbone movies being shown in the U.S. in the coming weeks. The films are listed in alphabetical order.

"Collector's Corner" -- where you may find a treasure of Basil Rathbone memorabilia. Includes links to other memorabilia sites.

The Library -- where you will find a list of books, magazine articles and websites about or by Basil Rathbone. 
"Potpourri" -- a mixed bag of Rathbone "stuff": 


"FAQ" -- Frequently Asked Questions (and the answers, of course!)


Links to other interesting sites

The Midnight Palace. With a focus on films from 1900 to 1955, The Midnight Palace offers reviews, articles, and message boards for classic film fans.

Scarlet Street Forums has forums on horror films, Sherlock Holmes, Basil Rathbone, and many other topics. Come join the discussion! What's your favorite Rathbone film? Who is the best Sherlock Holmes?

Another Basil Rathbone fan has founded a Basil Rathbone Club on Yahoo Groups! You can join here:

Other websites related to Sherlock Holmes and/or Basil Rathbone are listed in the Library.

E-mail me to suggest a link to be added.

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