Basil Rathbone
-- Unusual Memorabilia --

If you ever browse items on EBAY, you'll see a number of unusual Basil Rathbone/Sherlock Holmes items. This page is a gallery of some of the unusual items that make Rathbone collectors drool. I don't have them to sell, but you can always search EBAY for them. I have indicated if specific items are available to buy from a specific source.
Dolls - paper dolls, Barbie-size dolls and larger dolls of Sherlock Holmes
Statues and Busts - Statues and busts of Sherlock Holmes, and a resin model kit
Lifemasks - various lifemasks cast from Rathbone's face
Pottery and Glass - Sherlock Holmes Teapot, Autograph Glasses, mug
Posters - Not the usual movie posters, but the unusual
Small Stuff - tietac, keyring, Christmas ornaments, coasters, magnets, mousepad, pins, switchplate, social security application




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