Basil Rathbone
"Small Stuff"

Some of these items are really not so unusual. There are companies that will "personalize" mousepads, pins, magnets, keyrings, mugs, coasters, T-shirts, etc. with any photograph you provide. Below are examples of such items, plus some more unusual items.

tietac.jpg (10175 bytes)
A Sherlock Holmes tie tac, made of pewter, one inch tall
coaster.jpg (20779 bytes)
A plastic coaster
(4 x 4 inches)
sonoffrankensteinplate.jpg (49769 bytes)
A plastic switchplate cover made from a "Son of Frankenstein" poster

Sherlock Holmes pins, 1 inch and 1.5 inches wide
magnets1.jpg (40381 bytes)
magnets3.jpg (50435 bytes)
3 x 4 inch magnets picturing Sherlock Holmes movie posters
mousepad.jpg (36339 bytes)
A mousepad featuring the poster from "Sherlock Holmes Faces Death"

A keyring made from a "Hound of the Baskervilles" poster
ornaments.jpg (35566 bytes)
These are Christmas ornaments, but could also be used as keyrings. The one on the left is made from a "Son of Frankenstein" poster; the center one shows Rathbone and Tyrone Power ("The Mark of Zorro"); and the one on the right shows Rathbone and Errol Flynn ("Adventures of Robin Hood").

This is a photocopy of Rathbone's Social Security Application, dated January 29, 1937.




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