Basil Rathbone's
Tips for Teenagers

When Basil Rathbone appeared on "The Christopher Program" around 1960, he discussed teenagers, and stated that in his opinion it is very important for teenagers to have a sound home and regular church life. Rathbone also shared with Father Keller and the audience the following "Tips for Teenagers": basiltips.jpg (40573 bytes)
Set a big and worthwhile goal for yourself. 
Keep close to God.
Spend time with your mother and father. 
Study hard.
Be selective in what you read, and programs you watch, etc.
Demand the best.
Show an interest in teenager problems.
Be yourself.
Take responsibility -- don't dodge it!
Improve your ability to communicate your ideas.
Prepare for your own home.
Basil Rathbone and Father Keller
Rathbone discusses the youth of 1960.
Rathbone and Father Keller on The Christopher Program
Father Keller reads Rathbone's
"Tips for Teenagers"




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