Rathbone Potpourri

Potpourri: any miscellaneous grouping

This page is a mixed bag of Rathbone "stuff" for the truly obsessed Rathbone fan. (There are a few of us "Rathboners" around.) Here, for your viewing pleasure, are:

a basket of various goodies
Rathbone's Recipes

Enjoy three of Basil Rathbone's own recipes and one of Ouida Rathbone's recipes.

Tips for Teenagers

Basil Rathbone's Tips for Teenagers, presented to the Christopher Program's viewing public around 1960.

Articles about Basil Rathbone

"Leaving Baker Street: What Basil Rathbone Walked Away From," an article by Andy Demsky

Basil's Stars

Pictures of Basil's stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, Hollywood, California

A Visit to Ferncliff

On July 21, 1967, Basil Rathbone passed away in his home. A friend of mine who visited Rathbone's grave in Ferncliff Cemetery, Hartsdale, New York, took pictures and wrote of her impressions that day. Take a moment to visit Ferncliff.


A story written by Basil Rathbone, and illustrated with a drawing by Basil Rathbone

Anecdotes about Basil Rathbone

People whose lives have been touched by Basil Rathbone share stories about the great man.

 Unusual Rathbone Memorabilia

This is a collection of some of the unusual things I have seen for sale on eBay, or items other Rathbone fans have shared with me. These are not items that I have for sale, but they may be found on eBay. Please see Collector's Corner for some Rathbone memorabilia for sale.

A Favorite Song of Basil Rathbone 

Learn the song "Annie Laurie" by Lady Scott, one of Rathbone's favorite songs.

Basil Rathbone's Views on Love 

Basil and Ouida
Rathbone speaks out on how one can know love, and what is the best road to a lasting love, which is the foundation of a happy marriage. (excerpted from "Why I am a Happy Man," True Story Magazine, July, 1940)

Basil's Bow-wows 

A page about all the dogs owned by dog-lovers Basil and Ouida. Pictures, too!

Homes and Haunts

See and learn about the places Basil Rathbone lived, worked and frequented during his lifetime.
Ode to Basil and other poems

Poems written in honor and memory of Basil Rathbone:

What If Basil played other famous roles?

Can you imagine Rathbone in "The Graduate"?

How about "Gone With the Wind" or Austin Powers?

This page is a whimsical look at what might have been.

Fun Facts and Quick Stats about Basil

Did you ever wonder how many swordfights Basil Rathbone won on screen? Learn this and other fun facts about Basil on this page.

Test your knowledge about Basil

Think you know a lot about Basil? Try your hand at this Basil Rathbone crossword puzzle.








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