by Lisa Halverson and Sherry Gorse

Basil and Danny once met in a wood
Kaye looked at Rathbone and said, "This is good!
I've with me two swords
imagine the luck
With which to determine who has the most 'pluck'"
"That's fine," replied Basil, feeling daring and bold
"I'll thrash you to pieces, despite being old!
While filming 'Court Jester' I showed you some tricks
But I left the most dastardly out of the mix
A top-secret move, employed by the best
So now, My Dear Danny, are you up to the test?"
"Oh, ho ho!" answered Danny, not being undone
"We've yet to start fighting, and you think you've won!
How know you that I haven't got up my sleeve
A trick of my own to confound and deceive?"
"HA!" then scoffed Rathbone
"HA HA!" Kaye retorted
"You're MINE!" Basil threatened
"We'll see," Danny snorted

So the great duel began with a furious flair
Their rapiers whistled and sliced through the air
Basil, with footwork controlled and nefarious
Danny, with antics absurd and hilarious
Then Danny paused and took in a deep breath
He seemed unconcerned that he might meet his death
For he'd screamed loud and long when his foe had come near
And he now was convinced that the man could not hear!
Kaye's plan was to dizzy, to stun, and to daze
And it seemed to be working, for soon, in his haze
Basil swooned and he fell, his sword clanked to the ground
While Kaye stood there sniffing a daisy he'd found

The battle seemed finished, Kaye's work seemed quite done
He'd gallantly fought and courageously won
But lo! in the midst of his rapturous gloating
He didn't quite notice the bee that came floating
Right out from the very vile daisy he chose
And so, just then Danny was stung on the nose!
He screeched and he stumbled, he cried and he tottered
His nose, how it swelled up, his eyes, how they watered!
Meanwhile, Old Rathbone, who'd been rendered "unconscious"
Was now "coming to" and sat up on his haunches
He waited a bit, as he sat with a sneer
And then ... with delight ... noticed Kaye inching near
"Who's there?!!" Kaye cried, startled, for he could not see
"Oh dear," Rathbone purred, "...did you not expect ME??"
But before Kaye could speak, Basil sprang like a cat
Thrust forth his great saber, and, well...that was that
And so it occurred on that dark, fateful day
That Basil DID use his foul trick on poor Kaye:
The best of the best in the world of the sword
Know "A Feint of a Faint surely brings thy reward"


Castle and sword graphics from http://historymedren.about.com


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