Basil Rathbone


221B BAKER STREET was Sherlock Holmes address, and he is the focus of this boxed board game. Suitable age 10-adult, 2-6 players. Don the mantle of Sherlock Holmes & match your wits against the other players to determine who has the keenest deductive powers. Contains: 1 Die, 1 folded game board, 6 tokens, 8 Scotland Yard cards, 8 skeleton key cards, 20 case cards, rules/clues/solutions booklet, & solution checklist pad. The box is dated 1977 and there are 6 sets of booklets & cards dated 1978-1981. Only the #1 set came with the game; the other 5 could be ordered from the manufacturer. The Holmes & Watson pictured are of course Basil Rathbone and Nigel Bruce.
Sherlock Holmes: The Game of the Great Detective

Another board game -- this one does not picture Rathbone on the cover. Game includes two dice, 4 tokens





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