Basil Rathbone

An interesting piece of memorabilia is the Lifemask, used by the film studios to develop make-up appliances for the actor or actress. Below are some lifemasks or casts of Basil Rathbone's face that have been offered for sale on eBay in the past.  Some of the lifemasks pictured below are available to buy.  Visit The Haunted Studios , or contact Erick Erickson to buy one of two special masks that he has sculpturally enhanced.

Artist Erick Erickson has enhanced this mask of Rathbone's face by sculpting the eyes open, and adding ears, hair, eyebrows, an ascot (on the neck) and deerstalker hat, to show Rathbone in his most famous role as Sherlock Holmes. The mask is a 1 to 1 full scale cast, 12 inches by 7 inches, signed and numbered by the artist.
Want to own this mask? Contact Erick EricksonMention you saw it at when you order and get free hanging hardware.

Mask is $49.99 and shipping (in the USA) is about $14.00.
This mask of Rathbone has sculpturally added ears, hair and eyebrows. It is a 1 to 1 full scale cast, 10.5 by 6 inches. Created by artist Erick Erickson, this mask and the Sherlock Holmes one above are both cast in Ultra-Cal casting cement, finished in Silver Screen Silver, then rubbed with an Antiquing overlay to bring out the detail, and finally sealed to preserve it.
You can own this mask, too! Contact Erick EricksonMention when you order and get free hanging hardware.

Mask is $34.99 and shipping (in the USA) is about $11.00.
The casting for this mask was taken in 1942 for "Sherlock Holmes and the Secret Weapon," the second in the Universal Studios Holmes series with Basil Rathbone and Nigel Bruce. The "old bookseller" disguise make-up (from the opening scenes of the film) was developed using this mask. The mask is sealed, painted with four metallic colors, then sealed again. To buy this mask,  visit The Haunted Studios.

lifemask01.jpg (48445 bytes)
Haunted Studios
used by permission

The three lifemasks below are all made from a casting taken in 1939 at Universal Studios for "Son of Frankenstein." (I cannot, however, think of any scene in that film in which Rathbone wore a disguise or a make-up appliance. Bela Lugosi and Boris Karloff of course wore make-up.) These three lifemasks have finishes in different colors.
lifemask02.jpg (46164 bytes) lifemask03.jpg (29332 bytes)
Haunted Studios
used by permission
lifemask07.jpg (17834 bytes)
lifemask06.jpg (9214 bytes)
A life size hollow-backed white plaster lifecast.
lifemask04.jpg (33380 bytes)
This life cast of Basil Rathbone was taken in the 1960s. The eyes were sculpted open and hair was added after casting. lifemask05.jpg (28036 bytes)
This is a "face plate" poured from a mold of Rathbone's face. Similar to a lifemask, the face plate shows only part of the face.




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