by Lisa Halverson

The Sight
   Standing tall
Noble features, gentle eyes
   A twinkle of mischief to enhance their hue
You were the villain and the madman
   Though we knew these you could never truly be
You were the hero
   And there, the best in you was added to his triumph
How gracefully you moved
   Through tale and daydream
Towering over many
   Yet esteeming all

The Sound
   Sweet baritone timbre
A symphony of expression
   Deep and commandingstriking dark fear
Soft and tendereliciting trust
   You ruled the stage with that voice
There was no place to hide from it
   But they never sought to hide
Nor was this their desire
   Surely they longed to take it with them
And listen as they slipped away
   To dream of it

The Whole of you
   We cannot be sated
To see you, to hear you
   Let us treasure this gift always
Those who journeyed with you
   Said that every moment was magic
They cherishedso we cherish
   You lovedand so we hope
You would have thought us worth loving
   We miss you
Though you left us before we knew you
   We know you by what you left


Rathbone through the years:

As Romeo in "Romeo and Juliet" - 1913

In "Judas" - 1929

As Sir Guy of Gisbourne in "The Adventures of Robin Hood" - 1938

As Sherlock Holmes - 1939-1946

As Dr. Sloper in "The Heiress" - 1947

"J.B." - 1959




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