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Candid Photos, Page Three

 Candid Photos taken at Rathbone parties

The first eleven photographs on this page were taken at the Rathbone's Eleventh Wedding Anniversary party held at the Victor Hugo Restaurant in Beverly Hills. Guests came dressed as famous couples; Basil and Ouida were dressed as Emperor Franz Josef and Empress Elizabeth of Austria.

Ouida and Basil

Ouida and Basil
anniv07.jpg (23597 bytes)
Basil greeting Marlene Dietrich

Basil with Mr. and Mrs. Edward G. Robinson (dressed as Napoleon and Josephine)

Guests at the party

Basil and a young guest (Heather Angel?)
(photo by Charles Rhodes)

Basil, with Dolores Del Rio and her husband Cedric Gibbons (art director at MGM)

Gene Raymond, Jeanette McDonald, Ouida and Basil

Basil, Cedric Gibbons, Dolores Del Rio, and Ouida

anniv04.jpg (34584 bytes)
Basil with "Father Time"

Marlene Dietrich dressed as a bridegroom, with Ouida and Basil Rathbone
brc35.jpg (20823 bytes)
Arthur Rubinstein's birthday party
from left: Mr. and Mrs. Rubinstein, Ouida Rathbone, the Grand Duchess, Basil (behind her), Marlene Dietrich, and Heifitz
brc40.jpg (32710 bytes)
Basil with George Jessel at a dinner. (Love the wall fresco!)

Below are four photos from the wedding of Basil's son Rodion Rathbone to Caroline Fischer.
phplay2.jpg (37365 bytes)
Rodion Rathbone's wedding party: Ouida R., Mrs. Cedric Frances, Constance Collier, Caroline and Rodion, Walter Wurdeman, Cedric Frances and Basil Rathbone.

Basil with son Rodion and his bride Caroline, 1938
phplay1.jpg (43219 bytes)
Rodion Rathbone's wedding dinner: Caroline, Rodion, Ouida, Basil, Constance Collier, and Walter Wurdeman, 1938

Basil, with son Rodion and bride Caroline

Basil and Ouida with Irving Thalberg and his wife Norma Shearer at a party in the Venetian ballroom of the Beverly Hills Hotel, July 1929.

Basil Rathbone and Norma Shearer at a party in the Beverly Hills Hotel, July 1929

Canapes, anyone?
brc71.jpg (45020 bytes)
Seated: Mary Pickford, Buddy Rogers, Jeannette MacDonald, Gene Raymond, Mrs. Allan Jones
Standing: Ouida, Harold Lloyd, Mrs. Lloyd, Basil, Allan Jones
brc53.jpg (31776 bytes)
Basil having a good time with Miriam Hopkins and others
brc52.jpg (40012 bytes)
Basil with Mrs. and Mr. Allan Jones, Jeanette MacDonald and Gene Raymond
brc42.jpg (50086 bytes)
Basil with Baroness Natvarry and Max Rhinehart at a dinner party in honor of Max
brc62.jpg (38839 bytes)
Basil with friends at a party. Couple on right are Jeanette McDonald and Gene Raymond.

Basil, kissing the hand of the Grand Duchess Marie of Russia

Rathbone pouring champagne for guests Dolores Del Rio, Gary Cooper and Lili Damita

Hedy Lamarr chats with Basil, Mary Lee Epling Hartford, and her fiancé Douglas Fairbanks, Jr.

Another pic of Hedy Lamarr, Basil, Mary Lee Epling Hartford, and Douglas Fairbanks, Jr.

Rathbone with Olivia DeHavilland, David Niven, Nigel Bruce and Errol Flynn

Marlene Dietrich dancing with host Basil at a 1939 party the Rathbones gave in honor of Arthur Rubenstein. David O. Selznick can be seen in the background.

Seated: Heather Angel, Merle Oberon, Ouida, Mabel Webb (Clifton Webb's mother)
Standing: Basil, David Niven, Gregory Ratoff (director)

Guests at Clifton Webb's home in Hollywood (same as at left)

close-ups of Basil from above photos

Annabella, Basil, Ouida, and Tyrone Power at a Hollywood Guild benefit ball hosted by Ouida, 1939
Photo from Los Angeles Bureau World Wide Photos

Basil Rathbone welcomes Annabella to a charity ball hosted by the Rathbones. Her escort Tyrone Power Jr. looks on. (1939)

Leslie Howard and Rathbone

with Charlie Chaplin

Rathbone, with Annabelle (Mrs. Tyrone Power), Charles Chaplin and Arthur Rubinstein




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