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Candid Photos, 1930s
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Socialites and film folk at the Robin Hood Archery Tournament in Palm Springs. Basil Rathbone (in light pants) presented the trophy to the winner. Picture, left to right, are James Cagney, ?, Howard Hill (archery expert and host of the event), Rathbone, Alice Gwynne Preston, and friend.

Maureen O'Sullivan and Olivia de Havilland picking Basil's pockets for a charity

Rathbone and George Houston on golf course, 1936
Photo by Julian P. Graham

Guy Charrington, Mrs. Gladys Quarre Peabody, and Basil Rathbone at a party given by Mrs. Peabody at the Mark Hopkins, March 31, 1939.
brc75.jpg (21700 bytes)
Rathbone practicing his fencing

Glamour was tossed out the window by Marlene Dietrich, when a brief but furious rainstorm occurred in the midst of more than 100-degree heat at the studio where she is making a film comeback. She is shown as she went outside to wet her bare toes in the streaming gutter. The man in the Gandhi-like costume with her is Basil Rathbone, known usually for his sartorial correctness. Sept. 22, 1939 (AP Wirephoto)


with Freddie Bartholomew

Mr. and Mrs. Basil Rathbone pictured on their arrival at Grand Central Station, New York City, en route to London, where the noted screen actor will play in a British made film. 8/18/1936  Acme Newspictures

Rathbone and ? read The Tatler.

Left to right: Ivan Lebedeff, unidentified woman, Cesar Romero, Anna May Wong, and Basil Rathbone

Doug Fairbanks Jr. and Basil Rathbone

Seven pictures below show Basil Rathbone hunting boar with Howard Hill, famous archery expert. The hunt took place near Chico, California, while on location for The Adventures of Robin Hood.

boar1.jpg (47636 bytes)
Rathbone and Hill sight their quarry.
boar2.jpg (43466 bytes)
They approach the dying boar carefully.
boar3.jpg (39717 bytes)
Dragging the 270-pound boar back.
boar4.jpg (38168 bytes)
Examining the tusks of the boar.

Examining the boar.

Rathbone congratulates Hill on his prowess in killing the boar.
boar5.jpg (45931 bytes)
Dogs, which were used in trailing the boar, were owned and
trained by Walter Woodward and Lee Richardson (left).

Five photos below show Basil Rathbone practicing for his appearance with the San Francisco Symphony Orchestra on March 29, 1939. Rathbone read Lord Byron's "Manfred" to the accompaniment of the orchestra at the Civic Auditorium.


Basil with Alexander Steinert, composer and conductor


Above and right: Rathbone greets Caesar Romero and Heather Thatcher (English actress) at the opening of the Ice Follies of 1938 at The Polar Palace in Hollywood. May 15, 1938

A close-up of Rathbone and Heather Thatcher at the Ice Follies, 1938

A group of autograph seekers and photographers with Basil and Ouida just before the S.S. Normandie sailed for abroad, August 19, 1936.

Rathbone with Judy Garland, Joan Crawford, and Reginald Gardiner

Ouida and Basil

The Cock and Bull is a bit of old England transferred to Hollywood. It has long been the favorite restaurant of Basil Rathbone and other famous members of the English acting colony. Photo by Charles Rhodes, January 1938


Rathbone and Pat O'Brien at the Santa Anita Derby, 1938

Basil Rathbone shares a meal with Louis Brems, director of public celebrations, Boston
(Photo by McCormack, taken at the Statler Hotel, Boston, 1938)
Below are two photos from the wedding party of Gene Raymond and Jeannette MacDonald, June 1937

The Gene Raymond and Jeannette MacDonald wedding party: Nelson Eddy, Allan Jones, Helen Ferguson Hargreaves, Richard Hargreaves, Mrs Warren Rock (sister of bride), Robert Marlow (bridegroom's brother and best man), Jeanette Macdonald, Gene Raymond, Fay Wray, Harold Lloyd, Ginger Rogers, Warren Rock, Mrs & Mr John Mack Brown and Basil Rathbone. (June 1937)

Guests at the marriage of Jeannette MacDonald to Gene Raymond, Left to Right: Robert Marlow,Warren Rock, Allan Jones (actor/singer), Johnny Mack Brown (cowboy actor), Harold Lloyd (silent film star), and Rathbone, June 1937




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