Basil Rathbone's
Appearances on Television

as Marley's ghost in "A Christmas Carol"

with Pamela Conroy in "At Night All Cats Are Grey"


"For the most part both radio and television are merciless mediums for any artist, creative or interpretive, and have been more responsible for the growth of mass mediocrity in our culture than anything else I can think of. . . . [However,] The Hallmark Hall of Fame television presentations always maintain a very high standard."
(Basil Rathbone, In and Out of Character, pages 176, 271)

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 In this list of Rathbone's television appearances, I have listed the broadcast date (month/day/year, if known), the name of the episode in quotation marks and the name of the television series in italics. If it is possible to buy the television program on DVD, I've included a link to either Amazon or Roberts Hard-to-Find Videos.

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12/5/1949 "At Night All Cats Are Grey" (The Chevrolet Tele-Theatre, NBC)
2/2/1950 Inside U.S.A. with Chevrolet (CBS variety show), guest appearance
3/6/1950 "Queen of Spades" (The Chevrolet Tele-Theatre, NBC)
4/8/1950 Your Show of Shows (NBC, Sid Caesar starred), guest appearance
5/30/1950 "Sherlock Holmes" (NBC Showcase). "Sherlock Holmes" was an unsold series pilot.
9/14/1950 Ford Star Revue, episode #1.2
12/28/1950 "The Kind Mr. Smith" (Airflyte Theatre, CBS)
1951 The Milton Berle Show (aka Texaco Star Theater), guest appearance ("Horatio Hornberler" skit)  
1/15/1951 "Purple Fine Linen," as Frampton (Lux Video Theatre, CBS)
2/18/1951 "Would-Be Gentleman" (The Colgate Comedy Hour, NBC). Bobby Clark hosted this episode that was based on a 1946 play called "Would-Be Gentleman."
3/5/1951 "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde" (Suspense, CBS)
4/5/1951 "The Claudette Colbert and Basil Rathbone Show," playing himself (The Jack Benny Program, NBC)
4/8/1951 What's My Line? (CBS), playing the Mystery Guest
5/14/1951 "Dead Man's Coat" (Lights Out, NBC), with Norman Ross and William Post, Jr. Order the DVD from Amazon.
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6/25/1951 "Who's Whose"
5/5/1952 "Masquerade," as Sir Paul Maxim (Lux Video Theatre, CBS).
7/13 - 8/31/1952 Your Lucky Clue (CBS game show, Rathbone was host)
12/25/1952 I've Got a Secret (game show, CBS) as the celebrity guest with a secret
  Gary Moore and Basil Rathbone on "I've Got a Secret"
Rathbone with Garry Moore on I've Got a Secret
Click here to see a video clip from I've Got a Secret.

"The Amazing Dunninger" and Rathbone on Dunninger

1953 Ethel and Albert, guest appearance
1953 Dunninger, Rathbone was a regular
2/2/1953 "Criminal at Large" (Broadway Television Theatre, WOR-TV), with Estelle Winwood and Anthony Kemble-Cooper
2/16/1953 "Miss Marlowe at Play," as Ambrose Wallington (Lux Video Theatre, CBS)
3/2/1953 "The Firebrand" (Broadway Television Theatre, WOR-TV), as Benvenuto Cellini, with Claudia Morgan and Esmond Knight
5/26/1953 "The Adventure of the Black Baronet," as Sherlock Holmes (Suspense, CBS)
9 / 1953 The Milton Berle Show (aka The Buick Berle Hour), guest appearance (Sherlock Holmes skit)
11/17/1953 "The Educated Heart," (Danger, CBS), with Margaret Phillips
12/29/1953 "The Thirteen Clocks," musical adaptation of James Thurber's fairy tale (Motorola Television Hour, ABC) (See pictures below)

Dagmar and Rathbone on 
The Milton Berle Show

"The Adventure of the Black Baronet"
1954 The Perry Como Show, guest appearance
1954? The Tonight Show (host Steve Allen,1954-1957), guest appearance (might have been The Steve Allen Show, which was broadcast from 1956 to 1961 on NBC)
2/11/1954 "The Man They'd Murdered" (The Philip Morris Playhouse, CBS), with Francis Sullivan and Joan Wetmore.
1/12/54 The Name's the Same (game show), Rathbone on panel with Joan Alexander, Gene Rayburn, and Bess Myerson

"The General's Boots"

2/9/54 The Name's the Same
3/9/54 The Name's the Same
3/16/54 The Name's the Same
3/23/54 The Name's the Same
3/30/54 The Name's the Same
6/1/1954 "The Yo-Yo People" (Love Story, DuMont TV Network), with Beatrice Straight
7/23/1954 "The General's Boots" (Schlitz Playhouse of Stars, CBS), with Melville Cooper and John Dehner
8/16/1954 "The House of Gair" (Studio One: Summer Theatre, CBS), with Hurd Hatfield and Cora Witherspoon. Rathbone played Hazelton Crane.
12/3/1954 "Volturio Investigates," as a jewel thief (Schlitz Playhouse of Stars, CBS)
12/23/1954 "A Christmas Carol," as Marley's Ghost -- musical adaptation, (Shower of Stars, CBS), with Fredric March as "Scrooge," Ray Middleton as "Fred" and Bob Sweeney as "Bob Cratchit." Music by Bernard Herrmann, with the Roger Wagner Chorale. Adaptation and lyrics by Maxwell Anderson. Produced and directed by Ralph Levy.
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The following television programs are available to buy from Roberts Hard-to-Find Videos:

  • Shower of Stars Christmas Carol (1954)
  • The Stones Began to Move (1955)
  • Billy Budd (1955)
  • The Lark (1957)
  • Cole Porter's Aladdin (1958)
  • The Christopher Program (1960)
  • Soldier in Love (1967)


"The Thirteen Clocks"
Rathbone as the evil Duke in "The 13 Clocks"
Rathbone in
"The Thirteen Clocks"
marley02.jpg (16679 bytes) 
Rathbone as Marley's Ghost in
"A Christmas Carol"

Marley's Ghost and Scrooge (Frederic March)


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