Homes and Haunts of Basil Rathbone
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Repton School and the London theatres
New York 1
Rathbone's home in the 1920s
New York City Theatres
Rathbone's homes and haunts,
New York 2
Rathbone's later years in New York City, 1946-1967

Back to New York City

In 1946 the Rathbones left California and moved to 10 Gracie Square, New York City. they remained in this apartment, overlooking the East River, for one year and then moved to 9 East 92nd Street. "In the fall of 1950 I sold the house on 9 East Ninety-second .... We moved into an apartment in a new modern building, just around the corner from where we had lived, and in this apartment we were to stay for the next three and a half years." (In and Out of Character, p. 207)

Basil and Ouida on a staircase in the home on 9 East 92nd St.

That apartment was located at 15 East Ninety-first Street. In 1954 the Rathbones moved to 135 Central Park West. "This apartment house was built in 1902, and is one of the last to be built with spacious rooms and high ceilings. Our view from the eleventh floor looks north, east and south. The whole of Central Park is spread out beneath us." (In and Out of Character, p. 264) Below are two photos of the apartment building at 135 Central Park West.

135 Central Park West
135 Central Park West, as seen in 1957
135 Central Park West
 135 Central Park West, as seen in 2001




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