The Films of Basil Rathbone

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-- Region 1 encoding
-- NTSC format
-- Blu-ray Disc

1. Amazon (A)

2. Movies Unlimited (MU)

3. Roberts Hard to Find Videos (R) has several hard-to-find Rathbone films on DVD-R and VHS tape.

Critics Choice Video has many of the same films available as Amazon and Movies Unlimited.

Amazon also has some of the out-of-print and rare films available through its Marketplace.  I have not listed these films as being available at Amazon because the list is constantly changing; what's available this week may not be available next week.

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. has several Rathbone films available for FREE DOWNLOAD.

-- Region 2 encoding

1. (A.UK) (England)

2. MovieMail (MM) (England)

3. WOW-HD (W2) (England and Europe)
(Click on the country name in the upper left corner of the screen, right above the WOW HD logo, and choose your country.)


-- Region 4 encoding

1. Play4me (P) (Australia)

2. WOW-HD (W4) (Australia)


-- Region Free (can play anywhere in the world)

1. Loving the Classics (L) has several hard-to-find Rathbone films .




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Available as a 2-disc DVD set
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The Adventures of Robin Hood is also available on Blu-ray (Region A1):

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  • Crossroads (1942), 82 min. b&w --- a.k.a. The Man Who Lost His Way
    --- R
    --- A, MU

  • Above Suspicion (1943), 90 min. b&w
    --- A, MU 

  • Crazy House (1943), 80 min. b&w
    --- L, R

  • Bathing Beauty (1944), 101 min. color
    --- A, A.UK, MU (part of TCM Spotlight: Esther Williams, Vol. 1)

  • Frenchman's Creek (1944), 112 min. color
    --- A, A.UK, L, MU

  • Heartbeat (1946), 100 min. b&w
    --- A, MU

  • The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad (1949) -- narrator of "Mr. Toad" episode, 68 min. color
    --- A, A.UK, MU, W2
    --- A, MU


Rathbone and Gale Sondergaard in "The Mark of Zorro" (c) 20th Century Fox


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  • Casanova's Big Night (1954), 85 min. color
    --- A, MU

  • We're No Angels (1955), 106 min. color
    --- A, A.UK, MM, MU, P, W4

  • The Court Jester (1956), 101 min. color
    --- A, A.UK, MM, MU, P, W2, W4

  • The Black Sleep (1956), 82 min. b&w. . . . a.k.a. Dr. Cadman's Secret
    --- A, MU
    --- A, MU

  • The Last Hurrah (1958), 121 min. b&w
    --- A, A.UK

  • Mystic Prophecies and Nostradamus (1961), b&w

Rathbone in "The Court Jester" (c) Paramount

Rathbone in "The Comedy of Terrors" (c) AIP

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(Europe/Region B2)


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