The Films of Basil Rathbone

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-- NTSC Format
-- Region 1 encoding

1. Amazon (A)

2. Movies Unlimited (MU)

3. Loving the Classics (L) has several hard-to-find Rathbone films.

4. Roberts Hard to Find Videos (R) also has several hard-to-find Rathbone films.

Critics Choice Video, Videomatica, and CDWOW have many of the same films available as Amazon and Movies Unlimited.

Sinister Cinema specializes in "B" movies and has several hard-to-find Rathbone films available.

Amazon also has some of the out-of-print and rare films available through its Marketplace.  I have not listed these films as being available at Amazon because the list is constantly changing; what's available this week may not be available next week.

One U.S. supplier has master tapes (or 16 mm film) and will make videotapes or DVD-Rs of rare films for customers: Sid Bloomberg (SB).

Looking for hard-to-find horror videos and DVDs?  Check out Creepy Classics Video -- 1000's of Classic Horror/Sci-Fi Videos & DVDs in stock

-- PAL Format
-- Region 2 encoding

1. (S) (England)

2. Choices UK (C) (England)

3. (A.UK) (England)

4. MovieMail (MM) (England)

5. CD WOW (England and Europe)
(Click on the country name in the upper left corner of the screen, right above the CDWOW logo, and choose your country.)


-- PAL Format
-- Region 4 encoding

1. Play4me (P) (Australia)

2. CD WOW (Australia)


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  • Rathbone and Gale Sondergaard in "The Mark of Zorro" (c) 20th Century FoxRhythm on the River (1940), 92 min. b&w
    --- A, C, MU (together with "Rhythm on the Range")

  • The Mark of Zorro (1940), 94 minutes b&w
    --- A, A.UK, C, MM, MU, P, S --- Order from

  • The Mad Doctor (1941), 90 min. b&w -- title in the U.K.: A Date With Destiny
    --- R

  • The Black Cat (1941), 70 min. b&w
    --- SB
    --- A, MU (part of Universal Horror: Classic Movie Archive)

  • International Lady (1941), 100 min. b&w
    --- R

  • Paris Calling (1941), 93 min. b&w --- re-released in 1949 as "Paris Bombshell"
    --- L, R
    --- L

  • Fingers at the Window (1942), 79 min. b&w
    --- SB, R

  • Crossroads (1942), 82 min. b&w --- a.k.a. The Man Who Lost His Way
    --- R
    --- A, MU

  • Above Suspicion (1943), 90 min. b&w
    --- A, MU 

  • Crazy House (1943), 80 min. b&w
    --- L, R
    --- L

  • Bathing Beauty (1944), 101 min. color
    --- A, MU (part of TCM Spotlight: Esther Williams, Vol. 1)

  • Frenchman's Creek (1944), 112 min. color
    --- L, SB
    --- L

  • Heartbeat (1946), 100 min. b&w
    --- A
    --- A, MU

  • The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad (1949) -- narrator of "Mr. Toad" episode, 68 min. color
    --- A, A.UK, MU, S



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Rathbone in "The Court Jester" (c) Paramount
Rathbone in "The Comedy of Terrors" (c) AIP

Cover of PAL video case for Pontius Pilate

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