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Cadman enters the prison where Gordon Ramsey awaits execution.

Cadman and Ramsey

Cadman has the "black sleep" powder concealed in the tip of his cane.

Udo the gypsy and Cadman prepare to wake up Ramsey, who appears to be dead.

Cadman injects the antidote into Ramsey's arm.

The first people Ramsey sees upon waking up are Udo and Cadman.

Udo and Cadman welcome Ramsey back to the land of the living.

Cadman explains how he faked Ramsey's death.

At Cadman's residence Ramsey meets Laurie and her insane father, MUNGO.

They are unable to stop Mungo. Only Daphne can control him.

Cadman explains what his brain research has revealed so far.

The secret passageway is behind the fireplace.

Ramsey, Daphne, and Cadman

Cadman, Laurie, Daphne, Mungo, and Ramsey

Cadman and Udo

The police come looking for Udo.

Cadman carries his comatose wife into the operating room, and sees the mutants!

He beats a hasty retreat, but trips and falls down the stairs.


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