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David Copperfield

Suave Murdstone courts Clara. Peggotty seen in background.
"David, you shouldn't be rude. Mr. Murdstone's taken so much trouble to bring me home."

David comes home to find he has a new Pa.
Rathbone as Murdstone
Murdstone admonishes Clara for showering affection on David.

"I'm sure I managed very well before we were married . . . . I thought you were pleased."

"I did have a certain satisfaction in the thought of forming your character and giving to it the firmness and decision that it lacked."
Jane Murdstone, Murdstone, and Clara
"I'm sorry. I have a great many defects, I know. It's very good of you to endeavor to correct them."

"If I have an obstinate horse, do you know what I do? I beat him!" 

Murdstone gleams at the prospect of beating David.

"I've no place for you in my house now."


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