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Santelle uses his power on a weak mind.

Edwina gazes at a photo of the man who jilted her

The housekeeper tells Santelle who is at the door.

Santelle's manservant fools Oliver and Edwina.

Santelle follows Oliver and Edwina to the elevated train station.

Santelle pushes Oliver into the path of an oncoming train.

Santelle visits Oliver in the hospital and injects him with insulin.

Edwina sees Santelle and recognizes him.

Santelle realizes that Edwina has been following him.

"Come inside, Edwina."

He explains everything to her.

Edwina realizes he won't let her leave.

Edwina fumbles for something in her handbag.

Oliver knocks her out!

The police are at the door.


The police catch Oliver.

"This proves that Edwina was here."

Hoping to make an escape, Santelle shoots at the police.

The police returned fire and killed Santelle.

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