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The Ghost in the Invisible Bikini
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Ripper explains his evil plans to J. Sinister Hulk

Ripper with heirs Lili, Chuck and Myrtle

Myrtle and Ripper

Ripper's daughter Sinistra tries to seduce Bobby.

Ripper and Hulk

Ripper and Princess Yolanda

Ripper, about to hit the butler (Francis X. Bushman)

Ripper with Myrtle and Sinistra

Ripper with Chuck, reading the will

With Cecily's help, a skeleton hand presents the codicil.

Ripper reads the codicil to Chuck

Ripper loses his patience with the imbeciles Yolanda, Chicken Feather and Hulk.

Ripper tries to strangle Chuck.

Sinistra accidentally bonks her father on the head.

Cecily is about to foil Ripper's plans to shoot Chuck and others.

Ripper as an angel. (How does such a wicked person become an angel?)

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