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Kind Lady

Henry Abbot is drawing on the sidewalk during a winter storm.

Waiting in the kitchen for the water to boil. He looks nice and harmless.

Mary Herries asks Abbot to leave because she doesn't want to be affected by his sob story.

She gives him an old coat for his wife and some money for shoes.

Abbot coerces Mary into buying one of his bad paintings.

Henry introduces Mary to Ada's friends, Mr and Mrs. Edwards and Aggie

Mary informs Abbot he'll have to move Ada because she's closing the house.

He doesn't look so nice anymore.

Henry Abbott is shocked to learn that the doctor murdered Rose.

Abbot is disturbed over this turn of events.

Mary begs them to let her go.

The doctor, Abbot, and Mr. Edwards

Abbot meets with a potential buyer of Mary's paintings.

Mary is trapped by these unwanted houseguests.

Having heard that Abbot is living in Mary's house, Peter Santard knows that something is wrong. He talks with Henry Abbott, trying to find out what happened to Mary.

Abbot thinks he's fooled Santard, but he hasn't.

Abbott scolds Ada for leaving Mary alone with the banker.

He tells the banker that Mary had a nervous breakdown.

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