Lady of Scandal 


Edward arrives at the house.

Edward is introduced to Elsie.


Edward tries to make small talk with Elsie.

Elsie decides it was a mistake to come. She decides to leave.

Edward tells her that it's wrong to run away, so she doesn't.

Mr. Hilary, Elsie's father, is just as anxious that his daughter not marry into this family.

Edward watches Elsie play tennis.

Edward tells her he loves her. She says she loves him, too.

Elsie asks about Helen Hale. Edward says he plans to go to Paris to tell her in person that he has fallen in love with Elsie.

Elsie worries that Helen won't let him come back to her.

Uncle Reggie suspects what is going on.

Elsie realizes what the death of Victor Hale means.

Edward shows Elsie the letter he has written to Helen Hale.

Edward speaks to Helen on the phone. She can tell something is wrong.

He didn't have the courage to tell her about Elsie.

Elsie says, "When the novelty of loving me as you love me now wore off, you'd have got a longing for her that would have made you hate me."

She says goodbye to him.

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