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(Screenshots from the DVD)

Captain Pasquale meets Don Diego

Pasquale introduces Don Diego to Luis Quintero

"Regard this house as still your own!"

Quintero's wife Inez is enchanted with Don Diego

Pasquale and Quintero react to Don Diego's talk of choosing scents and lotions.

Zorro was here, in this very room!

Esteban has a plan to keep the peace.

Inez is petulant because Esteban arranged a marriage between Diego and Lolita.


Esteban stabs his fruit.

Esteban doesn't like Diego's comment.

Inez jealously watches Diego and Lolita dance.

Quintero offers Lolita to Diego to marry.

Sgt. Gonzalez has disappeared. I'll collect the mission taxes myself.

Esteban sees the padre putting money in the chest.

Santa Maria! No wonder you chose the church!

"I'll cut your throat!"

"His Excellency objects to talk of throat cutting."


Diego and Esteban cross swords.

the fatal blow


Enjoy this video clip from Turner Classic Movies:

Captain Pasquale meets Don Diego 


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