More photos from
Dressed to Kill


Holmes meets "Stinky"

Holmes is intrigued by Stinky's story.

Stinky shows Holmes the plain music box.


Holmes and Watosn outside the Kilgour house

The Kilgour charwoman is Hilda Courtney in disguise.

Holmes hears a sound coming from the closet.

Holmes and Watson try to console Kilgour's daughter.

Holmes plays the music box tune for Joe Sisto.

Joe points out the tune variations.

Holmes shows Mrs. Courtney the cigarette stub she left in his flat.

Cavanaugh holds a gun on Holmes.

Cavanaugh explains how Holmes will die.

Hamid tapes Holmes's mouth . . .

and hangs Holmes from a hook.

Watson treats Holmes's wounds.
A few screenshots from the colorized version of the DVD

The interior of 221B Baker Street

Holmes playing the violin

Watson reads
The Strand Magazine


Holmes studies the music box.

Holmes talks to Joe Sisto

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