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Terror by Night
Page Two

watching people at the train station

at Euston station

Surprised to see Lestrade

Duncan-Bleek, Watson and Holmes

Looking at the diamond

Discovering Carstairs' body

Holmes shows Lady Margaret that the empty jewelbox, indicating that it has been stolen.

Lestrade instructs the conductor to lock the doors at each end of the carriage.

Kilbane eavesdropping on the conversation

Holmes examines Professor Kilbane's mathematics papers--makes him think of Colonel Moran.


Questioning Prof. Kilbane

Questioning Miss Vedder

A teapot? Lestrade questions Mr and Mrs. Shallcross, teapot thieves.

Miss Vedder admits that a man paid her to transport the coffin.

Finding the body of the baggage attendant. They find the dart in the wound and deduce that the poison was contained in gelatin that melts in the wound.

Examining the body of the baggage attendant

Inspector McDonald announces that he is taking over the case.

with Inspector McDonald





Holmes retrieves Lady Margaret's bag for her.

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