Tower of London
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Lord DeVere (Rodion Rathbone) being led to his execution.

DeVere calls King Edward IV a usurper.
"For King Henry I fought, for him I die."

Richard gloats as DeVere is beheaded.
Karloff and Rathbone
"You're more than a're a God to me"
Barbara O'Neill, Rathbone and two young actors
The Queen is worried to see Richard admiring his nephews.

Richard and John Wyatt

Edward and Richard scheming and plotting

Richard and Edward

Richard with the former king Henry VI

In battle against the Prince of Wales, son of Henry VI.

The triumphant return

Richard and Anne Neville (widow of Edward, Prince of Wales)


Anne and Richard

The betrothal is announced.

King Edward divides the Warwick estate to benefit Richard.

Richard believes Clarence will betray the king.


The crowd hollers for Richard to be crowned King.

Richard with his two nephews.

"This man stole the Royal Treasure!"

Richard tries to find out from the imprisoned John Wyatt where the stolen treasure is.

Wyatt refuses to answer.

Mord and Richard

"Dragfoot" and "Crookback"

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