The Edge O'Beyond

A play in four acts by Roy Horniman and Ruby Miller. Opened at the Garrick Theatre, London, August 9, 1921. Closed on January 14, 1922, after 192 performances. Producer, E. Holman Clark; Stage Manager, Roy Beard; Stage Director, Alfred F. Mansfield; Set Design, Paul Gill; Music Director, Leonard Hornsey.

Cast of characters

Billy Wilfrid Seagram
Beauty Martin Lewis
Ugly Bug Antony Holles
Saucepan K. Alexander
Ted Burnett Charles Carson
Alfred F. Mansfield
Dr. Lawson Basil Rathbone
Richard Lindsay
Oswald Grant John McNally
Major Egerton James Lindsay
Blockhead Napolean Florent
Ralph Stuart Reginald Hunter
Richard Lindsay
Ray Beard
Hayman Henry James
Pat Annesley
Joyce Doris Lloyd
Dinah Ruby Miller
Truda Stuart Helen Stanton
Rene Bevan
Marie Mitchell
Lady Godiva Stuart Florence Harwood
Princess Sonia Nistrovska Marie Mitchell

Basil Rathbone played the role of Dr. Lawson in this story of life in Rhodesia in the early twentieth century. The Edge O'Beyond was originally a novel by Gertrude Page, published in 1908. In 1919 a British film was produced starring Ruby Miller as Dinah Webberly and Owen Nares as Dr. Lawsen. Ruby Miller and Roy Horniman adapted the story for the stage. Prior to opening in London, the play opened at Devonshire Park in Eastbourne on June 20, 1921.

The following is a description of the 1919 film:

"Edge O'Beyond is a godforsaken speck somewhere in Colonial Africa. Heroine Dinah Webberly (Ruby Miller) is driven to near madness by the sadistic excesses of her aristocratic husband. When her baby dies and her husband feigns indifference, it's the last straw. Dinah escapes into the jungle, caring little about her own well-being or survival. This adaptation of the novel by Gertrude Page was a strong pill to take for 1919 audiences accustomed to escapist entertainment." -- Hal Erickson, All Movie Guide


Rathbone and Ruby Miller

Rathbone as Dr. Lawson in The Edge O'Beyond

Rathbone and Doris Lloyd



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