The Assumption of Hannele

A dream play in two acts by Gerhardt Hauptman. Opened at the Cort Theater, New York City, February 15, 1924, for 3 afternoon performances. Produced by John D. Williams.

Cast of characters

Hannele Eva LeGallienne
Gottwald, a Schoolmaster Basil Rathbone
Sister Martha Alice John

Inmates of the Almhouse

Tulpe Mrs. Edmund Gurney
Hete Olive Valerie
Pleschke Edward Forbes
Hanke Charles Ellis


Seidel, A Woodcutter Henry Warwick
Berger, a Magistrate Paul Leyssac
Schmidt, a Police Official Stanley Kalkhurst
Dr. Wachler Morris Ankrum

Apparitions in Hannele's Delirium

Mattern Charles Francis
The Form of Hannele's Dead Mother Merle Maddern
The Deaconess Alice John
The Village Tailor Owen Meech
The Stranger Basil Rathbone
First Woman Florence Walcott
Second Woman Agnes McCarthy
Third Woman Georgia Backus
Pleschke Edward Forbes
Hanke Charles Ellis
Seidel Henry Warwick
A Child Teddy Jones
"The dream play of Gerhardt Hauptman in which a bruised and beaten child, dying, visualizes her entrance into heaven. She sees the Saviour in the person of her most sympathetic friend, the schoolmaster [Rathbone]. Her enemies are punished, including the stepfather who has beaten her, and the playmates who had made fun of her quaint imagination and tattered clothes are properly impressed."
[from The Best Plays of 1923-24, ed. by Burns Mantle (Dodd, Mead and Co., 1924), page 400.]
playbill for the Cort Theatre

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