A drama in three acts by Roland Pertwee. Opened at the Fulton Theatre, New York City, February 17, 1931, and lasted 15 performances. Produced by Stratford Productions, Ltd., staged by Stanley Bell.

Rathbone in "Heat Wave"

Cast of characters

Hugh Dawltry Basil Rathbone
George March Henry Daniell
Philippa March Selena Royle
Irene March Betty Lawford
Nicholas Fayne Mackenzie Ward
Dr. Muir Lionel Pape
James Weysmith Hugh Buckler
Mrs. Weysmith Hilda Plowright
Mameena Enid Raphael
Everard Frank Henderson
Duckworth Arthur Stenning
Bahadur W. Wana Singh
Dawltry's Boy William Cooray
Club Servant K.A. Fernando
Club Servant Fred K. Chandrasakara
Act I The Club

Act II Hugh Dawltry's Bungalow.

Act III George March's Bungalow.

"Hugh Dawltry is a social outcast in an oriental town under British rule. Because of which he takes rather handily to drinking. Irene March, younger sister of Philippa March, goes voluntarily to Dawltry's cabin with the idea of forcing her love upon him. She is followed by her sister Philippa, who really loves Dawltry, and sent home. George March in turn follows his wife, finds her with Dawltry, believes the worst and shoots Dawltry. It turns out to be only a flesh wound, and when Dawltry clears himself of the charge for which he was ostracized Philippa leaves her cad of a husband and goes over to Dawltry."
[from The Best Plays of 1930-31, ed. by Burns Mantle (Dodd, Mead and Co., 1931), page 492-493.]


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