Hide and Seek

A play in three acts by Stanley Mann and Roger MacDougall. Opened at the Ethel Barrymore Theatre, New York City, April 2, 1957, and ran for 7 performances. Produced by Fred F. Finklehoffe, Mark Marvin and Gabriel Katska. Staged by Reginald Denham. Setting and lighting by Ralph Alswang; costumes by Virginia Volland. The play closed April 6, 1957.

Cast of characters

Saul Peter Lazer
Michael Walter Brooke
Judy Marilyn Siegel
Ann Richards Geraldine Fitzgerald
Janice Dolores Dorn-Heft
Tom Richards Barry Morse
(replaced Franchot Tone)*
Sir Roger Johnson Basil Rathbone
Margo Johnson Isobel Elsom
Gregson Carl Harbord
The entire action takes place inside and outside a cottage in Warwick, England.
Act I A morning in spring

Act II That evening.

Act III Twenty minutes later

"Hide and Seek" playbill

"A play about a British nuclear scientist at work on a Government project he loathes--for mutilating people before birth. If he quits, however, he faces being made a security risk. The action involves a lethal radioactive egg missing from the lab, which is very possible the egg the scientist's young son is known to have been toting around. This situation injects some scary moments into the final act; but Hide and Seek puts all its eggs in one basket, all its theatre into one scene; the play in general is no less talky than unconvincing, and as full of digressions as of longueurs."
[from The Best Plays of 1956-57, ed. by Louis Kronenberger (Dodd, Mead and Co., 1957), pages 364-365.]

*Prior to opening on Broadway, "Hide and Seek" was performed at the National Theatre, Washington DC (March 18-23) and the Shubert Theatre, New Haven (March 25-30). Franchot Tone played the role of "Tom Richards" in the out-of-town tryouts in Washington DC and New Haven. However, due to illness, he left the show and Barry Morse joined the cast just a couple of days before the show opened on Broadway.

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