Julius Caesar

Drama by William Shakespeare. Revived by the Players' Club at the New Amsterdam Theater, New York City, June 6, 1927, for 8 performances. Staged by John Craig.

Cast of characters

Julius Caesar William Courtleigh
Octavius Caesar Frederick Worlock
Marcus Antonius James Rennie
Flavius Harry Davenport
Marrullus Lawrence Cecil
Marcus Brutus Tyrone Power, Sr.
Cassius Basil Rathbone
Casca Herbert Ranson
Trebonius Joseph Kilgour
Cinna David Glassford
Decius Brutus Pedro de Cordoba
Metellus Cimber Roland Bottomley
Popilius Lena Frazey Coulter
Titinius Kenneth Hunter
Pindarus Doan Borup
A Soothsayer Ivan Simpson
A Cobbler James T. Powers
Servius Edgar Kent
Caesar's Servant Harry Forsman
1st Citizen Thomas Chalmers
2nd citizen Edwin T. Emery
3rd Citizen Laura Burt
Lucius Mary Eaton
Calpurnia Marion Coakley
Portia Mary Young

[from The Best Plays of 1926-27, ed. by Burns Mantle (Dodd, Mead and Co., 1927), page 532-533.]


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