Love is Like That

A romantic comedy in three acts by S.N. Behrman and Kenyon Nicholson. Opened at the Cort Theatre, New York City, April 18, 1927, and ran 24 performances. Produced by A.L. Jones and Morris Green by arrangement with Stuart Walker. Staged by Dudley Digges.

Cast of characters

Maid Della Vanna
Kay Gurlitz Catherine Willard
Graham Delano Edward H. Wever
Mrs. James Gordon Parmenter Lucile Watson
Jesse Hopper John T. Doyle
Kate Mumford Minna Phillips
Cassandra Hopper Ann Davis
Vladimir Dubriski Basil Rathbone
Michael Irshov Charles Richman
Natasha Barbara Bulgakov
Grigori Percy Shostac
Act I Living room of Mrs. Parmenter's House in New York

Act II Mrs. Parmenter's Studio Apartment

Act III Mrs. Parmenter's Studio Apartment


"Cassandra Hopper, returning from Europe, stops a stowaway from throwing himself overboard. Stowaway turns out to be Prince Vladimir Dubriski, exiled Russian. Cassandra brings him home, to the consternation of her new-rich family and the joy of her friends. The Prince falls in love with her, but her heart is true to Graham Delano, her western sweetheart. Then the prince, to rid himself of an entangling widow, Kay Gurlitz, insists his assumed title is false and that he is only a valet. Kay drops him and he retires heart-shocked but with dignity."
[from The Best Plays of 1926-27, ed. by Burns Mantle (Dodd, Mead and Co., 1927), page 509.]


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