A drama in three acts adapted by Jane Hinton from Louis Verneuil's French play "Jealousy." Revived by Homer Curran in association with Russell Lewis and Howard Young at the Plymouth Theatre, New York City, October 1, 1946. The play ran for 31 performances. Staged by Reginald Denham, setting and lighting by Stewart Chaney, gowns by Adrian.

Cast of characters

Maurice Basil Rathbone
Nadya Eugenie Leontovich
Acts I, II and III A Paris Apartment

"The late Eugene Walter's adaptation of the Verneuil play, then entitled 'Jealousy,' was staged at the Maxine Elliott Theatre, New York, October 22, 1928, by Guthrie McClintic and produced by A.H. Woods. The two characters then were played by John Halliday and Fay Bainter, and the production ran for 136 performances. The Jane Hinton version is more earnestly dramatic than the Walter adaptation, but the story is the same one of two lovers in Paris who marry and settle down in the bride's apartment. Almost immediately the groom becomes jealous and suspicious of the bride's guardian, and later strangles him off stage."
[from The Burns Mantle Best Plays of 1946-47, ed. by John Chapman (Dodd, Mead and Co., 1947), pages 77 and 341.]


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