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The Bishop Murder Case
Page Three

Prof. Dillard calls attention to Arnesson's favorite play.

Vance shows Markham a sample typewritten note.

Vance shows the note to Arnesson.

Vance, Markham and Drukker's housekeeper discover a body

Pardee, Vance, and Markham

A typewriter is discovered in the attic.

Sergeant Heath, Vance and Markham

Vance and Markham question Drukker

Vance uses the policeman to demonstrate the way a person who was shot with an arrow would fall.

Vance, Arnesson, Dillard, and Markham
Studio Promo Photos and Lobby Cards

Basil Rathbone, Nick Grinde and David Burton

Leila Hyams and Basil Rathbone

Basil Rathbone and Leila Hyams

Vance tests the typewriter.

A lobby card showing Roland Young and Leila Hyams

A handsome young Vance

Above and below: lobby cards for the film.

Leila Hyams and Basil Rathbone

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