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Michael watches Lisa at the train station

Michael, the concert pianist

Michael looks for a signal from Lisa.

Lisa joins Michael for dinner. This is her first time out alone with a man.

He begs to see her again. She tells him no.

"Why did you lie to my piano teacher?"

"Because I had to see you again."

They meet in a seedy nightclub, so as not to be recognized by anyone they know.

She lets him kiss her.

After seeing Vera, he beats a hasty retreat.

Vera aims the gun at Michael.

Michael's body at the bottom of the stairs.

Michael conducting the orchestra performing his opera "Mazurka"

talking to Vera in her dressing room

Vera dancing with Michael at the charity ball

Vera (Kay Francis) and Michael

Vera is having fun and drinking

The dancing and drinking continues at Michael's house

Michael plays to entertain his guests

He admires Vera

She's had too much to drink

She asks him to take her home

Vera passes out in Michael's arms.

"Leave me alone. I love my husband."

Leonide is there as she leaves.

Michael Michailow (Rathbone)



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