The Last of Mrs. Cheyney
Promo Photos and Posters 

"May I ask why you don't find me attractive?"

I take it that my first and only offer of marriage is rejected.

"Did you accept Elton?"


"I'm in love with you myself."



Dilling respectfully kisses the hem of Mrs. Cheyney's dress.


Rathbone wearing a slightly different dressing gown than the one he wore in the film.

"So this is the immaculate Mrs. Cheyney who fooled me so completely that I asked her to be my wife."

Mrs. Cheyney confesses to having stolen Mrs. Webley's pearls.

After Mrs. Webley and her guests have gone back to bed, Lord Dilling keeps watch on the thieves.

Mrs. Cheyney and Charles are prepared to go to jail for their crime.

Dilling presents the group's offer: money for passage to Australia and the return of Elton's letter.

Fay accepts Lord Dilling's marriage proposal

Below are photos from scenes that were cut from the film.



Norma Shearer freshens her makeup before starting this scene with Basil Rathbone. Director Sidney Franklin is also in the photo.

The scene in the car was also cut from the film.

a behind the scenes shot

This appears to be similar to the breakfast scene, but shot indoors

lobby card

lobby card


Swedish poster



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