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Sir Guy of Gisbourne

Gisbourne reads the edict declaring Robin Hood an outlaw.

A black arrow crashes through a window and buries itself in the table.

Sir Guy leads an escort for the "ransom" money through Sherwood Forest

Robin Hood and Will Scarlet lead Marian and Sir Guy to their camp. Maid Marian is riding the horse that would later become Roy Rogers' "Trigger."

Sir Guy and the Sheriff have been stripped of their fine clothes and given rags to wear.

Apoplectic with fury and humiliation, Sir Guy is sent back to Nottingham in rags.

Gisbourne tries to explain to Prince John about the ambush.

Gisbourne at the Archery Tournament, where he plans to capture Robin Hood

Prince John and Gisbourne have spotted the tall tinker (Robin Hood in disguise) and know the trap has worked.

Lady Marian awards the Golden Arrow to Robin Hood, and he is captured.

Everyone turns out for the hanging of Robin Hood.

Sir Guy flirts with Lady Marian at Robin's execution.

Lady Marian nervously awaits Robin's hanging.

Sir Guy eagerly awaits the moment when Robin's neck is stretched.

Prince John and Sir Guy plot to have King Richard murdered.

Sir Guy and the Bishop of the Black Canons

Lady Marian (on stairs) overhears the plot to kill King Richard

They wonder how much she overheard.

Gisbourne finds the note Marian has written to warn Richard.

Preparing for the coronation

A spear which Robin has thrown at Gisbourne narrowly misses his shoulder, but catches his cape.

An interesting camera shot of the shadows of Gisbourne and Robin dueling.

The end of Sir Guy of Gisbourne

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