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The Pearl of Death

Watson examines the pearl.

Holmes hears footsteps outside the flat.

The Borgia pearl has been stolen!

Questioning Conover about the theft.

"He managed somehow to conceal the pearl in his flight. "

Holmes' interest is aroused when he hears 
that Maj. Harker's back was broken.

"The Oxton Creeper did it?"

Conover's gang just took a shot at Holmes and Watson.

Holmes conducts a test to see if Conover could have hidden the pearl in less than one minute.

Holmes and Watson talk to Gelder, the pottery shop owner.

Holmes recognizes Naomi Drake working in Hodder's shop.

Holmes catches Naomi Drake trying to escape.

Holmes, disguised as Dr. Boncourt, 
pulls a gun on Conover.

Conover has a gun on Holmes.

Lestrade and the police arrive on the scene.

Holmes holds the bust of Napoleon.


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