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Pursuit to Algiers
Page Two

You dropped your paper, sir.

May I suggest the Fish and Chips?

The clues point to 26 Fishbone Alley.

I assume this pertains to the death of His Majesty King Stefan?

This is a matter of international importance.

It is imperative that King Stefan's son Nikolas be returned safely to his country.

I don't like this convenient 'accident.' Too many people seem to be in on this secret.

Watson reacts to the news that the plane carrying Holmes and Nikolas has crashed.

Holmes surprises Watson in his cabin.

This is your nephew Nikolas.

Holmes remarks on Watson's new friend: "brunette, young, beautiful."

"Under no circumstances is Nikolas to be left alone at any time, or for any reason."


Holmes hears the engines stop.


Holmes notices that the coffee has been poisoned.

"You've left your man unguarded."

The trio view the Rock of Gibralter.

"If one isn't willing to pay the penalty, one shouldn't play the game."

Holmes feigns concern over Merko's injured knife-throwing hand.

Holmes notices that Nikolas' party favor is different.

"Is the party over so soon?"

Although Holmes appears to be sitting on Watson's lap, he is in fact on the armrest of the chair.

Nikolas says good-bye to Miss Woodbury.


Holmes is surprised by Gregor.

Gentlemen, I'm pained at your evident lack of confidence in me.

The steward reveals himself to be the real King Nikolas.


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