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Sherlock Holmes in Washington

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Holmes and Watson in their Baker Street lodgings

Mr. Ahrens of the Home Office explains that an important document has gone missing.

Ahrens asks Holmes to retrieve the document.

At Pettibone's home, Holmes discovers that Pettibone photographed the document onto microfilm

As Holmes and Watson leave Pettibone's house, someone on the roof drops a large stone, which narrowly misses them.

Watson and Holmes on their way to the airport.

Detective Lt. Grogan, the man in charge of the Grayson (Pettibone) case, discusses the man's disappearance with Holmes

A mysterious trunk is delivered to Holmes' room.

Holmes questions the steward of the railroad club car.

Holmes tries to figure out who the young woman is.

Grogan and Holmes

Looking for clues at the police laboratory

The clues lead them to an antique shop.

Holmes questions the salesman.

Holmes meets the proprietor, Heinrich Hinkle, a.k.a. Stanley

The rescue didn't go as planned. The spies have both Holmes and Miss Partridge

Stanley comes to Senator Babcock's office to get the microfilm

Holmes and Senator Babcock

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