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The Bishop Murder Case
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Vance receives the call from Markham

A view of the Manhattan skyline from Vance's balcony

Sergeant Heath ponders Vance's theory.

"I say...There's an arrow missing here."

Vance questions Arnesson.

Vance questions Belle Dillard.

Vance and Markham interview Drukker.

Vance with Pardee, one of the most suspicious-looking characters in the film.

Vance and Pardee

"I should be very glad to see the murderer brought to justice."

Vance shows the "Who killed Cock Robin" note to Arnesson.

The Stuyvesant Club--a favorite Vance hangout

Vance tells the sergeant about his dinner date.

"How are you going to reconcile Mother Goose rhymes with a 'super-sane' mind?"

"Can you explain where you were last night?"

Sergeant Heath informs Markham and Vance of yet another murder!

Vance studies the chess board.

"The Black Bishop is one move away from the Checkmate."


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