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The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes
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I'm afraid you have a bad opinion of me.

"So you fiddle while Rome burns!"
"I'm observing the reaction on the common housefly of the chromatic scale. ...If I can find the note that annoys the housefly. Then one need only play that one note and fffft - all the houseflies disappear."

Look at that, Watson

Your father was murdered on May 11?


"...and instead of a cross, the albatross about my neck was hung."


Holmes questions Mr. Hunter. "You're the obvious suspect."

"You've always found my advice pretty sound, haven't you, Inspector?"

"Do you observe anything singular about these footprints?"

"Do you think you could bear to repeat the tune for me?" "There's death in every note of it."

"It's an ancient Inca funeral dirge still used by the Indians in the remote Chilean Andes."

Holmes in disguise

Moriarty concocted that Brandon case with all its fantastic convolutions expressly to divert my attention at the time the Star of Delhi was delivered.


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