Sherlock Holmes Faces Death:
Page Two
Screenshots from the film

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Holmes informs Geoffrey Musgrave that his brother has been murdered.

Holmes meets Captain MacIntosh

Holmes tells Watson the murder was committed with a sharp object.

Watson tells Holmes about Capt. Vickery

Holmes listens to Sally Musgrave and Watson.

Sally worries that the police think Capt Vickery murdered her brother.

Even standing on something to make him taller, Milburn Stone appears much shorter than Basil Rathbone and Dennis Hoey.

Holmes hands Philip the knitting needle.

They listen to the ritual being read by Sally.

Holmes listens intently to the ritual.

Brunton welcomes Holmes to his room.

The housekeeper emerges from a secret passageway.

Holmes and Watson question the housekeeper.

Holmes directs the human chess pieces.

Holmes pulls a gun on the murderer.

Holmes faces death as the murderer pulls a gun on Holmes.

Holmes gives a patriotic speech as he and Watson drive away from the manor.


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