Sherlock Holmes Faces Death:
Page Three
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1-sheet poster

 3-sheet poster


half sheet

Swedish poster

Finnish poster

lobby card

lobby card

lobby card

lobby card

lobby card

lobby card

Spanish herald

The cover of a super-8 sound edition of the film

Promo Photos

Sherlock Holmes silences his housekeeper Mrs. Hudson as he hears approaching footsteps.

Sherlock Holmes serves breakfast to old friend Dr. Watson in Holmes' Baker St. flat.




The rake was used to pile leaves over the body of Geoffrey Musgrave.

Holmes and Watson visit the local pub.

Holmes, Watson, and Sally Musgrave

The presence of the raven signals to Holmes that a dead body is nearby.

Holmes and Nora

Holmes questions Brunton.

Holmes catches the housekeeper emerging from a secret passageway.


Holmes notices that the floor of the manor resembles a giant chessboard.


Holmes leads the group into the crypt.

Holmes finds the land grant.


Brunton's body is found.


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