Map of London

This map of London shows the location of Connaught Square, Rathbone's home circa 1930. The red rectangle indicates the theatre district. Click here to see a close-up map of that area, with the theatres marked, as well as photos of the theatres.  The infamous Tower of London can be seen at the right side of this map, on the Thames River.

Connaught Square Garden looking eastwards toward exclusive, four-storey, terraced Georgian townhouses.
Photo by Colin Smith, 2009

The Tower of London


Map of England

London Theatre District


Repton School and the London theatres
New York 1
Rathbone's home in the 1920s
New York City Theatres
Rathbone's homes and haunts, 1935-1946
New York 2
Rathbone's later years in New York City, 1946-1967



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