London Theatre District

This map shows the locations of the theatres in central London, in many of which Basil Rathbone played.  Below are the names and photos of the theatres and the plays in which Rathbone performed.


The Aldwych Theatre in 1907
In 1920 Rathbone appeared in The Unknown at The Aldwych Theatre.

The Aldwych Theatre in 2006

The Duke of York's Theatre in 1892
Rathbone performed at The Duke of York's Theatre in 1920 (Madame Sand) and again in 1932 (Tonight or Never).

The Duke of York's Theatre in 2007

The Garrick Theatre in 1902
In 1921 Rathbone appeared in The Edge O'Beyond and The Painted Laugh at The Garrick Theatre.

The Garrick Theatre in 2007

The Globe Theatre after 1909
Rathbone performed in Fedora at the Globe Theatre in 1920.

The Gielgud Theatre in 2005
In 1994 the Globe was renamed the Gielgud Theatre (in honor of actor John Gielgud)

The Haymarket Theatre in the 19th century
In 1919 Rathbone appeared in two plays at the Haymarket Theatre: A Night on the Trojan Walls and Calliwachus

The Royal Haymarket Theatre in 2012

His Majesty's Theatre in 1897
1922 brought Rathbone to His Majesty's Theatre to appear in East of Suez.

Her Majesty's Theatre in 2011

The Princes Theatre in 1950 (photo is The Theatres Trust)
Rathbone starred in Diplomacy at The Princes Theatre in 1933.

The Princes Theatre was renamed the Shaftesbury Theatre in 1963. This photo was taken in 2012. "Shaftesbury Theatre" on the map above shows the location of this theatre.

Queens Theatre in 1937
(photo is, used by permission.)

In 1919 Rathbone appeared in the play Napoleon at the Queens Theatre.

The rebuilt Queens Theatre in 2011

The Queens Theatre was bombed in 1940, and had to close for a lengthy period. After World War II, it was rebuilt and reopened in 1959.

Royal Court Theatre in 1888
(photo is, used by permission.)
Rathbone performed in five plays at the Royal Court Theatre: A Midsummer Night's Dream (1915), The Merchant of Venice (1919), Peter Ibbetson (1920), King Henry IV, Part 2 (1921), and Othello (1921).

Royal Court Theatre in 2009
(photo by Rod Allday)
The Royal Court Theatre is located on the east side of Sloane Square and does not appear on the map above.

The Savoy Theatre, built in 1881
Rathbone performed in two plays at the Savoy: The Sin of David (1914) and Peter Ibbetson (1920)

The Savoy Theatre in 2007
The current theatre was built in 1929 on the site of the original Savoy.

The original Shaftesbury Theatre
(photo is, used by permission.)

In 1914 Rathbone appeared at the Shaftesbury in the play Henry V.

Built in 1888, the original Shaftesbury Theatre was located near the intersection of Shaftesbury Avenue and Charing Cross Road. In 1941 it was bombed, and subsequently demolished. The Shaftesbury Theatre indicated on the map above is the current Shaftesbury Theatre, originally called The Princes Theatre.

St. Martins Theatre was built in 1916 (no photo available).
In 1923 the play R.U.R. (starring Rathbone) premiered there.

St. Martins Theatre in 2010


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